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Olive Wood Dog Chews

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Our Olive Wood Dog Chews are naturally harvested from close-grained olive tress which means they are dense and compact in structure - harder than most native woods. They are then graded, dried and sanded and treated with olive oil to create a wholesome, safe and satisfying chew toy for your best friend.

Their compact texture means they should not splinter or shard like most normal sticks so they should not pose a threat to your dog's health. Rather, the wood will come away in soft pieces that are perfectly safe to gnaw and digest. Besides satisfying their natural instinct to chew, they help to maintain strong teeth and gums and help eliminate tartar and bad breath. Gently harvested and hand-crafted, Olive Wood Chews are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Size       Length cm     Circumference cm   Diameter cm    Weight gm

x-small        13                        5                         1.50                  30

small           15                        8                         2.50                  85

medium      20                        9.50                    3                       175

large           25                        11                       3.50                  300

x-large        27                        16                       5                       450

**Please note - all chews are handmade from natural wood and will vary slightly in size and appearance